• Foggy road to Samdruptse Hill, Namchi - Sikkim
  • Way towards Samdruptse Monastry, Namchi - South Sikkim
  • Entrance of Samdruptse, namchi - Sikkim
  • Taxi services available at Samdruptse, namchi - Sikkim
  • The statue of Padmashambhava, Namchi - Sikkim
  • Cloudy weather at Samdruptse, Namchi - South Sikkim
  • Inside the Monastry, Sandruptse, Namchi - Sikkim
  • View inside the Samdruptse Monastry, Namchi - South Sikkim
  • Padmashambhava, Namchi - Sikkim

Samdruptse meaning “wish fulfilling hill” in the local Bhutia language is located at a short distance uphill from Namchi. The giant statue of Guru Padmasambhava on the Samdrupste Hill is the main attraction of the place. The statue looks down the town as well as across the hill. It is 45m tall and becomes covered in a shimmering gold luster in the sun. Founded in 1997 this is no doubt an incredible accomplishment of engineering. The statue offers spectacular views that are visible from different parts of Sikkim and Darjeeling.

One of the oldest monasteries of Namchi, the Ngadak Monastery was built by Tensung Namgyal during the rule of Chogyal Gyurmed Ngadak. The word Ngadak belonged to the 17th century and means ‘promise.’ So, it is believed that anyone who comes to this place will make a promise to come back again. This monastery was initially constructed as a palace of Her Highness Pendi Ongmu. It was once damaged by a severe earthquake and is a witness of old sacred ethos of Sikkim. A big new gompa is under construction in Ngadak as the age old structure is almost ruined. However, it still holds a picture of old Sikkim.